Yuk to Yum

We help picky eaters turn into adventurous eaters one mouthful at a time!

Who We Are

YukToYum is an intensive picky eating intervention program offered by OneOnOne Children’s Therapy. The staff of OneOnOne Children’s Therapy have been working with eating difficulties for over twenty-five years. Compiling all of our knowledge into one centralized program, we have introduced YukToYum to provide feeding therapies to children and families struggling with picky eating disorder. Turning picky eaters into adventurous eaters, our aim is to promote early diagnosis of picky eating. This leads to efficient improvements that result in the child growing up with healthier eating habits and a childhood dotted with normalcy, playfulness, and fun foods!

Our Services

With early assessments and treatments, our feeding intervention and parent training programs are designed to promote developmental, social, and academic improvements in your child.

Our Blog

Learn more on how to make your child fall in love with food by reading our blogs on picky eating and what parents, siblings, and teachers can do about it!

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Why is self isolation a concern for picky eaters? In these challenging times, many families are spending long periods of time at home. Children aren’t attending school, preschool, day care...

Picky eater refuses new food

How do I increase what my child eats? One of the techniques we use to increase what children will eat is to make very small changes to what they currently...

Get picky eaters to help with shopping and cooking

Picky eaters really benefit from exposure to a variety of foods. Most importantly, research shows that picky eaters who spend time shopping for different foods and making different food are...


Picky eaters cause parents a lot of stress. Parents worry about their child’s nutritional intake. They try very hard to get their picky eater back on track. Sometime, the parents...

There are different types of picky eaters

Picky eaters fall into different categories based on what they eat. They are recognised by the food they eat and the food they reject. Each picky eater category may lead...


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