Who We Are

YukToYum is an intensive picky eating intervention program offered by OneOnOne Children’s Therapy. The staff of OneOnOne Children’s Therapy has been working with eating difficulties for over twenty-five years. Compiling all of our knowledge into one centralised program, we have introduced YukToYum to provide feeding therapies to children and families struggling with picky eating disorder. Turning picky eaters into adventurous eaters, our aim is to promote early diagnosis of picky eating. This leads to efficient improvements that result in the child growing up with healthier eating habits and a childhood dotted with normalcy, playfulness, and fun foods!

About Us

Bringing up a child with a picky eating disorder adds unique levels of stress to parenting. The warmth and interaction of sharing a meal provides for a family is left tainted with gagging noises, angry arguments, and clattering cutlery. Fun-filled mealtimes become replaced with stressful episodes and the entire family suffers because a child is unable to control their immense dislike for a variety of eating items.

The trauma that the child and family undergoes because of picky eating can be prevented with early identification of the picky eating disorder.

We are strong proponents of early diagnosis of picky eating, with our expert child therapists consulting parents on early treatment plans and integrating a feeding therapy intervention into your child’s routine to accelerate improvement. YukToYum is an allied health clinic helping both, parents and their children. For parents, we have parent training programs and for children, we have customised and intensive feeding therapy interventions.

Together, let’s make mealtimes beautiful bonding sessions again by turning all things yuk, to yum!