Picky Eating

Involve your child in shopping and cooking

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Get picky eaters to help with shopping and cooking

Picky eaters really benefit from exposure to a variety of foods. Most importantly, research shows that picky eaters who spend time shopping for different foods and making different food are more likely to try the new foods – eventually! When your picky eater sees the same limited number of foods they currently eat, they are very unlikely to try anything new. When they see, touch and prepare unfamiliar foods, you reduce the overwhelm that comes with new foods.

First, take your child shopping

  • They can pick the vegetables and fruit and out them in the shopping trolley.
  • Talk about the different foods.
  • Describe what they look like and feel like.
  • The more a picky eater handles the food, the more likely they are to try them.

Second, get them involved in preparing the foods

  • Ask your child to get the ingredients out
  • They can wash them
  • Have them chop the food
  • They have a sense of achievement when they put the food on the table

Last, get your child involved in cooking

  • Even toddlers can help with the cooking when you use kid safe cutlery.
  • Make sure they can see the food
  • Let them touch it as they cut it
  • Give then a chance to watch you cook it

More picky eating tips

If you are concerned about your child’s picky eating then give us a call at our Bondi Junction Clinic. We can get  your child  back on track with their eating.  The ‘picky eater mealtime reset’ runs every month as a group session for parents. Don’t worry if you live a long way from Bondi Junction, or from Sydney! We do a lot of feeding sessions by Skype. Parents can even join our  ‘picky eater mealtime reset’ group sessions via Skype. We can be contacted on (02) 80657837 or email us.